Frequently asked questions

I have a question about Choose

    Cut Off Times
    Is there a certain time that I have to complete the course by? Can I walk?

    Unless specified on the events webpage, there are no cut off times.
    Unfortunately we are under pressure to open roads we have closed, so we do have a race sweep vehicle. This travels at a 17-minute mile pace. If you fall behind this vehicle you will be asked to complete the remainder of the course on the pavement. The finish area will remain open until the last entrant has crossed thee finish line.

    Editing My Details
    I have entered my name/date of birth incorrectly, how can I change this?

    Please email us at and we shall correct this for you. Please state how it is currently showing and what you would like it changed to.

    I have recently moved house, how do I stop my race pack from being sent to my old address?

    To amend your address please login into your Great Run profile here.
    Please ensure you notify us at least six weeks prior to the event (ten weeks if you have entered the Great North Run or a Marathon event) otherwise we will be unable to prevent your race pack from being posted to your old address. Any undelivered race packs are returned to us so we can forward them on, but should you need to you can collect a replacement race pack from the information point on the weekend of the event.

    I have entered the wrong estimated running time on my entry form, how do I change this?

    If you would like to amend your estimated running time please send an email to clearly stating your full name, postcode, which event you have entered and your new estimated running time. We will then be able to amend this for you.
    This is an important safety measure and we ask that you enter an accurate time.
    Please ensure you notify us at least six weeks prior to the event (ten weeks if you have entered the Great North Run or a Marathon event) otherwise we will be unable to amend.
    Please see the ‘Zone Start/Wave Allocation’ section of the FAQ’s for more details’.

    Finishers' packs
    What do I receive when I cross the finish line?

    All finishers will receive a finishers’ pack as soon as they cross the finish line. Packs are sorted by size, so please take the t-shirt size you asked for on your entry form.

    Great Run Merchandise
    Do you have Great Run training t-shirts in a male/female design?

    Our Great Run Training T-shirts are of a unisex design and cut, they are on the larger size so please choose the size below your standard T-shirt size.

    What should I do if my t-shirt hasn't arrived?

    All T-shirts will be sent from February 2020 onwards or within 28 days thereafter. Subject to availability.

    If your T-shirt hasn’t arrived, please email Please include your name, date of birth and the T-shirt you have ordered (Short Sleeved, Long Sleeved or both) and we will verify your order and give you an update of when you should expect it.

    Can I swap my Great Run training t-shirt for another size?

    Yes, you can, please return your T-shirt to the address below, you will need to include a covering letter stating your name, your address and what size you would prefer instead, and we will get a replacement sent out to you. You will need to cover the costs of returning it to us. Standard post (1st/2nd class) will be enough, no need to pay extra for special/recorded delivery but we do recommend getting proof of postage.

    The Great Run Company Training T-Shirt
    PO BOX 1355
    Newcastle upon Tyne
    NE99 4BZ

    They are available in the following sizes (chest width is shown in inches)

    • Small (38”)
    • Medium (42”)
    • Large (46”)
    • XL (48”)

    We will confirm via email that your return has been received and when you should expect the replacement.

    I'm doing the Great North Run, where can I find some merchandise?

    Please visit where you can find some event specific Great North Run Merchandise. This is run by Scimitar, our official merchandise supplier.

    Their contact details can be found here.

    Great Run Solo
    What is Great Run Solo?

    Great Run Solo is a series of virtual running challenges you can run at your own pace. There are a range of challenges from 7 and 28 day distance challenges to a monthly accumulator challenge. If you have a question about the challenge that isn’t covered below please email us at

    Is there a start date?

    Yes. Great Run Solo 7 or 28 day distance challenges start every Monday, so you can choose to start on the Monday just gone or the next Monday in the calendar. Great Run Solo monthly accumulator challenges start on 1st day of each month.

    Is there a deadline?

    Yes, the challenge deadline depends on the challenge you choose. Monthly accumulator challenges end on the last day of each challenge month.
    All distance challenges end on a Sunday. Depending on which distance you choose, your challenge period will be 7 or 28 days. If you are doing a 7 day challenge then the finish deadline is before midnight on Sunday. If you are doing a 28 day challenge then the finish deadline is before midnight on the fourth Sunday.
    Challenge results can be logged up to 7 days after the finish deadline of your challenge. If results are not submitted within 7 days we will assume the challenge was not completed and you will not receive a medal.

    What do I have to do to join?

    To join, simply select your challenge and enter online. You will receive an email confirming that you have joined once the sign up process is complete. Please keep this for reference as this contains your unique Great Run ID that you will need to log results.

    What do you mean by logging my runs/uploading evidence?

    We suggest you use a tracking app to log your running activity during your challenge – any tacking app or watch can be used. Once you have completed your challenge you will need to come back to our website to log your results to get your medal. The following evidence required for each challenge type:

    7 miles in 7 days – tracking app screenshot upload (required)
    50k, 100k, 150k – tracking app screenshot upload (not compulsory)
    Junior 7k in 7 days – finish time upload (required)
    Accumulator challenge – total time & distance (required), tracking app screenshot is compulsory.

    How does the run tracker work?

    You can also choose to log each activity as you go through the challenge using our online tracker. This will be available on the challenge page to use from the start of your challenge. This will make tracking your progress and submitting your challenge results easier. To do this you will need to enter your Great Run registration ID, which can be found on your entry confirmation email, and date of birth.

    If you prefer to track activity using your own app, that’s fine, just come back and submit your final results when you have completed the challenge.

    Who can enter Great Run Solo?

    Great Run Solo challenges are open for all, and we’ve created challenges to suit all ages and fitness levels. For runners aged 15+ there are the 7 or 27 day distance challenges and the monthly accumulator challenge. For junior runners under the age of 14 there is the 7k in 7 days challenge.

    When will I get my medal?

    On completion of you challenge we will send you a shiny Great Run Solo medal to wear with pride. Medals will arrive approx. 2 weeks after you have completed the challenge. For international runners, there is an additional £3.50 charge to cover medal postage.

    Can I wear headphones and listen to music while I run?

    You can, yes. We ask that music is on a low volume so that you are aware of things happening around you and please pay attention to instructions from marshals on the day.

    Mini & Junior Events
    Do I have to run with my child?

    No, you don’t have to run with your child. All entrants of the Mini event are sent an Adult bib in their race pack, this for accompanying adult to wear on race day if they wanted to run alongside them.

    Can I run with my child on race day?

    Yes you can. All entrants of the Mini event are sent an Adult bib in their race pack, this is for the accompanying adult to wear on race day if they want to run alongside them. There will be a question on the entry form for Junior events which ass if you would like someone to accompany the child on race day. If yes, an Adult bib will be sent with the race pack for them to wear during the run. Adult bibs can also be collected from the Great Run information desk on race day.

    Photos and Certificates
    How do I view my photos from the event?

    You can see photos pf you taking part during the event and download your free certificate on the photos page (LINK). Make sure the correct event is selected and then search by your Race Number or Surname. You can also download your free certificate here.
    Unfortunately we cannot guarantee all runners will have a photo of themselves. Picture are tagged by your race number clearly shown on cameras. If your race numbers was obscured in anyway when running past the cameras, it will not pick up.
    If not photos are shown please try using the ‘Find More Photos’ link to enter a description of what you were wearing on race day. Or, if you ran with a friend, please try entering their Surname or Race Number.
    Our official photographers are Marathon Photos. More information can be found by visiting their website here (LINK).

    How do I download my free certificate?

    To see photos of you taking part during the event and download your free certificate please visit the photos page (LINK). Make sure the correct event is highlighted and then you can search by your Race Number or Surname. You should see photos of you displayed along with a link to download your free certificate. If you experience problems, please email

    Race Packs
    When will I receive my Race Pack?

    For the Great North Run, race packs will be sent out four weeks prior to the event. For all other Great Run events, packs are sent out approximately two weeks prior to the event.

    What should be included in my Race Pack?

    Your race pack should contain your Race Number and Timing Chip to give you an accurate race time. If you have any questions about your race pack please email

    I have received my Race Pack, what do I do now?

    Once you have received your race pack the most important thing to do now is read all the information provided. This is important race preparation and will ensure your day is more enjoyable. Runners do not need to register on race day.

    I haven't received my Race Pack, what should I do?

    If your race pack does not arrive please email The team will verify your entry and give you details as to how you can collect a replacement pack on race weekend. Event information is also available on the website for the event you have entered.

    How do I review my race results?

    You can view your race results on the results page here (LINK). Make sure the correct event is highlighted and then you can search by your Race Number or Surname. If you are looking for Great Scottish Run results from 2013 to 2019 you can use our legacy results search found here (LINK).

    My time is not displayed in the results section, how do I find my time?

    To view your race results please visit the results page here. Make sure the correct event is selected in the dropdown and then search by your Race Number or Surname. If no result is displayed please email us at with your full name, race number and the event in which you took part. We will then arrange for the results team to investigate. Please note: timing chips must be worn in accordance with information printed within your pre-race information.

    Running for Charity
    Do I have to run for one of the charities listed on your website?

    If you are accepted for any of our events, you do not need to run for the associated charities listed on the entry form or website. You can raise money for any charity/cause of your choice. All you need to do is contact your chosen charity directly and request a sponsorship pack.

    I have selected to run for a charity but have mow changed my mind what do I do?

    If you wish to change the name of the charity you are running for, all you need to do is let your original charity know and then contact you new chosen charity directly for your sponsorship details.

    I haven't received my sponsorship pack, where can I get one from?

    If you selected to run for one of our official charities when completing your entry form, they will be in touch with sponsorship details in due course. If you would like them sooner please contact your chosen charity directly. If you did not select one of our official charities, you will need to get in contact with your chosen charity and request a sponsorship pack.

    Wheelchair Entries
    I am a wheelchair entrant can I enter a Great Run event?

    Unfortunately not all of our events are wheelchair friendly, please check the event website for more information or email

    I am taking part in an assisted wheelchair, what do I do?

    For those taking part in an assisted wheelchair, both the wheelchair entrant and the asister will need to register for a place in the event. Once entered into the event, both will be allocated a race number and will be asked to line up towards the rear of the field.

    I am taking part in a self propelled wheelchair, what do I do?

    Unfortunately not all of our events are wheelchair friendly, please check with the event website for more information or email info@greatrun. If the course if suitable and you are taking part in a wheelchair please indicate when asked on the entry form. The race will be staged under IPC rules and self-propelled wheelchair athletes must confirm to BWRA minimal classification race system. It is strongly recommended that only experienced wheelchair racers attempt the race unaided.
    If you are a self-propelled wheelchair racer interested in joining the elite race, please email We will then be able to give you more information about the Elite Wheelchair Race.

    Withdrawal/Cancellation Policy
    I can't take part in the event due to medical reasons, can I get a refund?

    If your entry is accepted, your fee is not refundable unless supported by a doctor’s note. If this is the case please end a doctor’s note and covering letter stating that you would like to be withdrawn from the event to: Great Run Customer Services, PO Box 1355, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE99 4BZ.
    Or you can scan it and email it to:

    Refunds will be accepted at least six weeks prior to the event (ten weeks if you have entered a half marathon event) otherwise we will be unable to stop your race pack being sent.
    After this time no refund will be offered, however, for the Great North Run only, you will be eligible for a guaranteed entry the following year at the standard entry fee.
    All refunds are subject to a £5.00 administration charge. Refunds will not be possible for any other eventuality.

    I can't take part in the event, can I transfer my entry to another runner?

    A runner who is no longer able to take part, is entitled to reallocate their place in an event to another participant for a fee of £10. This option is only available prior to number allocation and race packs being prepared (approx. six weeks before the event weekend).
    The existing runner requests via email to to exchange their place and supplies the new runner email address. The new runner is sent an online entry form via email to pay the £!0 fee whereupon the existing runner is replaced in the system with the new runner. (Please note this applies for all senior Great Run events aside from Great North Run).

    I am a 2020 entrant who chose not to roll my place over and now I wish to take part in 2021. How do I do this?

    If you wish to take part in the 2021 event and you didn’t choose to roll your 2020 place over, you will have to enter the event as per usual. Please follow the ‘enter now’ links from the event page on our website.

    What if the 2021 event is postponed due to the ongoing national restrictions?

    If the ongoing national restrictions prevent us from staging the 2021 event as planned, all entries will be automatically transferred into the next staging of the event.

    What if the 2021 event is cancelled due to reasons other than ongoing national restrictions?

    If circumstances dictate that we are required to cancel any event, entrants will be entitled to a refund (minus a £5 administrative fee). We will transfer the refund (and iTab fee id purchased at the point of entry) back to the card that was used for payment. Al refunds are subject to a £5 administrative fee which covers some of, but not all, of the costs we have already been committed, such as fees charged to us to process the original booking, staff time and supplier costs, and third party payment providers.
    This is very much in line with other event and ticket providers across the industry. This is the case for all Great Run Company events and is outlined in our event terms and conditions at the time of booking. If you have entered via a charity, please contact the charity directly and they will be able to assist further. If you have entered with your company via the Business Challenge please contact your team coordinator who we will communicate with directly.

    Zone Start/Wave Allocation
    What start zone/wave have I been allocated to?

    Your starting time and wave allocation will depend on your estimated running time as stated on your entry form. Runners can determine what wave they have been allocated by looking at their race number, which is sent out in the race pack. The background colour of the race number and letter will determine which zone runners are in. Full details of wave assembly points and start times can be found in your race pack and in the information guide which can be downloaded from the event page on the website.

    I want to run in the same start zone/wave as my friend:

    We cannot guarantee that all runners who estimated the same running time will be allocated in the same wave. If you find that you have been allocated to different eaves, the rule is you can move down a wave to meet your friends or family, but not up.

    I am not happy with my start zone/wave allocation and want to move down to a slower wave:

    If you would like to run in a slower wave then you do NOT need to change your race number. All you need to do is assemble in the later wave on race day. Great Run does not need to be notified of your change.

    I am not happy with my start zone/wave allocation and want to move up to a faster wave:

    Due to the number of runners taking part in our events, we ask runners not to move to a faster wave (towards the start line). Runners should stay in the wave they’ve been allocated or move further away from the start line to a slower wave. Race numbers have been allocated on the estimated time given on your application. If you feel you should be in a higher wave please email for more details of how you can be moved to a higher wave.

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