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General Training

Whatever your running ability you’ll find some great general training advice here to help you enjoy your running even more.

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General Training

General Training
Running Through The Winter

Keeping moving and running through the winter months can be both rewarding and fun when you follow these few basic tips and keep yourself both s…

General Training
Running In The Dark

Do you have a busy schedule? Are there not enough daylight hours in the day? As the summer draws to a close and days get shorter, sometimes the…

General Training
Plan Your Virtual Running Route

We can’t run the famous 13.1 mile route from Newcastle to South shields this year… which means you need to plan your own 13.1 mile running route…

General Training
Last Minute Half Marathon Training Tips

With 10 days to go to the Virtual Great North Run, your tapering should be just about underway. Here are a few tips (and reminders) to keep you…

General Training
Top 10 Tips For Summer Running

Hello summer. Hello sunshine. Hello heat! Here's some tips to keep you running over the summer.

General Training
So Your Plans Have Changed – What Now?

If you've had a change of plans in your running schedule, we’ve got some tips for you so that all of your hard work does not go to waste.

General Training
Five Ways To Run In The Sun

Longer nights, mixing it up, new gear and tackling the trails - running in the summer is guaranteed to be a great time…

General Training
Don’T Snooze? You Lose!

Sleep is an often overlooked but vital component of athletics performance, as Professor John Brewer explains…

General Training
10 Best Places To Run In Birmingham

Looking for new training routes whilst out running in Brum? Here are Johnny Cullen's handpicked locations to inspire you.

General Training
Brummie In A Hurry? Check Out These City Running Routes

Short running routes around Birmingham to get you going when time is limited.

General Training
Choosing A Bristol Running Club

With Great Bristol Half Marathon approaching, could joining a running club help with your pace?…

General Training
Activities To Keep The Whole Family Moving

We’ve put together a list of activities to help keep the whole family moving and entertained while spending more time than ever at home.

General Training
Put The Spring Back In Your Step

We can all do our part to stay healthy and protect those who are more vulnerable at this time, but there is one thing we can still do for oursel…

General Training
The Perfect Half Marathon Recovery

Kate Percy, author of Go Faster Food, has cooked up the perfect post-13.1 mile treat…

General Training
Running Is Great For Kids – Here’S Why

There’s nothing quite like seeing the smiling, happy faces of young children taking part in physical activities and there are multiple health an…

General Training
Training For The Great Manchester Run

Your 12-week plan to go from gentle jogger to 10 kilometre ace. With just twelve weeks to go until the Great Manchester Run now is the time to d…

General Training
Fall In Love With Running

You might already be completely in love with running (like we are here at Great Run) or maybe you like to run but you wouldn’t say you’re in lov…

General Training
How Does Gait Analysis Help Me As A Runner?

Gait analysis can identify bad habits which can lead to injury. Here is our handy guide from physiotherapist and runner Jenny Blizard…

General Training
Align Your Spine

Ever wondered how a chiropractor can help with your everyday health? We’ve asked a practitioner for his top tips on maintaining skeletal health,…

General Training
Improve Your Running Technique

Anyone can put one foot in front of the other, but to run with good technique or 'form' takes a little skill and practice.

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