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Nutrition & Hydration

We’re here to help fuel your run. From what to drink and when to nutritional advice to help you train, and recipes to help your recovery.

Nutrition & Hydration

Nutrition & Hydration
Recovery Nutrition Faq

What you eat after a half marathon can have a huge impact on your recovery; from combating fatigue, to supporting immune function. This FAQ guid…

Nutrition & Hydration
Pump Up The Protein

Kate Percy, author of Go Faster Food, gives us the lowdown on top protein sources…

Nutrition & Hydration
Try These Recipes For Some Great Meal Inspiration

If like us, you’ve been trying to cook a little more while you’re at home, try new recipes, or maybe eat healthier to combat moving around less,…

Nutrition & Hydration
Pancake Power

Pancakes can be enjoyed many ways - for breakfast, as a protein and carb refuel after a training run or as a favourite treat. Find out which pan…

Nutrition & Hydration
A Little Zest For Your Personal Best

Kate Percy, author of Go Faster Food, gets you set for your greatest Half Marathon…

Nutrition & Hydration
Your Best Alternatives To Pasta

No pasta? No problem - here's our top alternatives for you…

Nutrition & Hydration
Carb Up With Barilla

Prawn spaghetti with tomato, rocket, lemon and basil…

Nutrition & Hydration
How To Compete Without Meat

Anita Bean on how a veggie diet can help boost performance.

Nutrition & Hydration
Food For A Great Run

Get prepped for your Great Run event with CLIF Bar…

Nutrition & Hydration
Five Top Tips From A Runner Dietitian

Eating well is vital to getting the most out of yourself as a runner but nutrition can be a complex topic with many conflicting opinions. Here a…

Nutrition & Hydration
How To Hydrate

When to drink and what to drink? Don’t worry, we spell out the rules of fluid intake as determined by the leading experts…

Nutrition & Hydration
What To Eat Before A Run

Don’t let hungry thoughts eat into your run!…

Nutrition & Hydration
Carb Power

Kate Percy, author of Go Faster Food, on why carbohydrates are the ultimate fuel for runners…

Nutrition & Hydration
Fuel Up With Dark Chocolate

Did someone say chocolate was good for runners?…

Nutrition & Hydration
Why Caffeine Can Be Good For Running

Caffeine has come a long way since its days as the dietary pariah of sport. Now everyone is drinking to its benefits, says Peta Bee…

Nutrition & Hydration
The Food Rules You Can Break

Here's some of the foods you can indulge in if you're burning off the calories running.

Nutrition & Hydration
This Vegetarian Dish Is Great If You’Re On A Budget

This Middle Eastern dish can work as a hearty breakfast, satisfying lunch or dinner and can happily be shared with any hungry eating partner.

Nutrition & Hydration
What To Eat To Fuel Your Run

The best advice when training is to stick a healthy, balanced diet.

Nutrition & Hydration
Hydration Tips Ahead Of Your Great Run

It's important that your body stays hydrated – keeps the right level of water – so that it can function properly.

Nutrition & Hydration
Runners’ Treats

No we’re not talking about runners’ feet!…

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